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Bill's cropping
Vesuvius seen from Sorrento Strange statue in Anacapri.
The image below has been cropped to an aspect ratio of 1.5 (3:2). It will print perfectly because that is the ratio used by the printing machine.  
The image below has been cropped to an aspect ratio of .667 (2:3). You must rotate it through 90° and save it. It will then print perfectly.
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If you sent this image as cropped to the print machine, it would just do the bit in the red box! To get what you want, you must: pad the image with white and rotate it through 90° before saving. You have cropped this image to exactly the proportions you want. But because it is not a 1.5 aspect ratio, the printing machine would do its own cropping and just print the bit in the red box.
To get round this, you pad the image (using Paint Shop's enlarge canvas option for example) with white to a ratio of 1.5. It will then print properly and the print can be trimmed with scissors.
Pissing Heracles statue, from the House of the Stags, Herculaneum (1st century CE) Fast food 79 CE style! This is a thermopolium in Herculaneum
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